About Me

My name is Sara Young and I love internet marketing!

I’m a mom of 7 kids, and thanks to what I do online – we can support those kids and I can be home with them.

I’ve been doing this since 1994, and based on my prior experience – I can tell you something huge that you probably don’t know:

We are on the verge of an internet revolution.

People and search engines are much more savvy than they used to be. And the spam and junk that used to earn people an income in the past – just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Which is a good thing for most of us.

Today – if you want to make money online – you need to give something of value and exchange it for money.

And what better to give over than information. We all have information we’ve learned over the years that others would love to know about.

Even if we are not experts, we all still have a lot to teach to beginners in our niches.

There is an incredible opportunity online for people to earn an income by building an ethical business that is based around their unique personality.

Right now this is not happening for most people, because:

• People are being pushed into general “systems” that are not right for them

• People are being told that they don’t have to give anything valuable in order
to receive

• People are being encouraged to lie, deceive, and clog the internet with junk

• There are too many scams around. It is quite hard for a beginner to tell what “works” and what doesn’t.

• The teaching standards are very low, so people end up giving up.

As a result, the internet is clogged with junk, lies, and deceit.

People lose hope and give up their dream of building a business. This makes it less likely for them to have the freedom to be themselves and to live the life they would like to live.

What the world needs is ethical marketing of internet marketing:

• It should be made very clear what internet marketing is about
(exchanging value for value, and not push-button solutions)

• People should have a way to understand what method of marketing is right for them

• There should be proper step-by-step and easy to follow training on how to build a profitable business.

I am committed to teaching others how to build an online business based on their strengths and passions, so they can be free to be themselves, live their lives to the fullest, help others, AND generate an ethical income.

Join me on my journey and I guarantee you will profit. Both financially and in many other ways 🙂