10 Ways To Stop Wasting Your Time And Start Making Money

“I don’t have time”

“I can’t stay focused”

“I’m spending a lot of time but not seeing results”

When I asked my subscribers what is holding them back, these were typical responses.

And I get it.

I’ve been in all these places.

I have a family too.  And very little time to spare.

But over the years I’ve learned that it’s not how much time you spend.  It’s HOW you spend it.

It’s all about

Getting the important things done

So that’s what I will show you in this post.

How to focus on the  kind of tasks that will move your business forward fast. And not keep you busy running on a rat wheel.

You don’t need a lot of time.  You just need to spend it right.

Here is what you need to do.

1. Know where you want to go

First you need a a vision of what you want for yourself.

Take out a pen and paper or a open up a text file on your computer and start writing:

What kind of business do you want?  What kind of results do you want to see?  What do you want to be doing?

For example:

– I want a business that will give me recurring income every month. I would like to have the peace of mind that comes with a predictable monthly income. And even if I take a few months off – that income will keep coming in.

– I would like to have coaching clients that I can help on a more personal basis. I find this very satisfying because you can get better results that way.

– I would like to have a list that buys products I promote as an affiliate

– I would like to make at least $100,000/year

2. Be passionate

Make sure your plan includes elements that you are passionate about. Things that give you joy, satisfaction, and excitement.

At first making money might be enough – depending on how much you need it.

Mine includes:

– Teaching people how to make an income online – I get immense satisfaction from seeing my students get results

– Trying out new things – I love learning and testing new tactics

– Helping people make sense of the Internet Marketing world – putting order into the chaos

– Less hype.  More value.  In other words, helping others get compensated for providing value to others.

Think about your own values and what changes you want to make in the world.

3. Have a clear plan

Now that you have a goal, you need a plan to get there.

Start with a general plan.

Here is an example that would work with my goals above:

  • Create a blog with valuable information
  • Get traffic to the blog
  • Build a list
  • Offer great value to the list
  • Create a membership that offers even more value
  • Sell the membership on the blog and to my list
  • Add a coaching element for students who want extra support
  • Set up a funnel to streamline the process
  • Tweak the funnel so the conversions are as good as possible
  • Send paid traffic to the funnel

The plan should be very clear – like the one above.  At any given point in time you should know where you are in your overall plan, and what your next step should be.

4. Every day be clear on your ‘One Thing’

Every day look at your general plan, see where you’re at, and decide what is the most important step to move you forward.

For example, it might be one of the following:

Set up a blog

Introduce yourself on a new forum (for forum traffic)

Write a blog post

I like to do this at the end of the day – preparing for the next day.

Then, the next morning, before I do anything else, I work on the one big thing for that day.

Don’t be tempted to multi-task.  I can tell you from experience – multi-tasking doesn’t work and will only slow you down and get you stuck.

5. Have a list of daily activities

There are certain things that should be done daily

For example:

Check email

Reply to blog comments

Start a forum thread (for getting traffic)

Have a list of those activities, and go through them after you are done with the one big thing.

6. Money loves speed

Push yourself to move FAST.

Internalize that the faster you move – the more money you will make.

Of course, you don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your work.  But you don’t need to be perfect either.  Find your own balance between quality and speed.

And remember: whatever you decide to do, there will be obstacles in your way. Don’t let them stop you, and don’t let them slow you down.  (See below for more on that)

7. Believe in yourself

This is often overlooked, yet it is the most important

One of the biggest reasons people don’t take action, is because they don’t believe they will succeed.

They think they are not smart enough, or don’t have enough technical knowledge,

Yet if you look around you – you will see:

There are people who failed school that are making money online

There are people who have struggled with depression and other mental illnesses who are making money online

There are older people who are making money online

There are stay-at-home moms with large families who are making money online

There are people with demanding jobs who make money online (and then usually quit those jobs)

There are people with no technical knowledge who make great money online

If they can do it – you can do it too!

8. Be resourceful

If you don’t know how to do something – Google it.

Or find someone who does.

If you do find yourself stuck on a technical issue – get help. On Fiverr you can find people who can fix your blog or take care of other technical issues for just $5. You do not want to spend an entire day on a $5 problem. Make sure you get help.

Another option is to get advice on forums. There are forums dedicated to almost any topic in the world. Do a quick Google search and find a place where you can get help and solve your issues ASAP.

9. Get support

Many times your family will not support you in your online endeavors. They will tell you you are wasting your time and money. They will tell you that you will not succeed.

If that is the case – make sure you get support elsewhere. Join a forum or a mastermind and start talking to people. You will find a lot are in the same boat as you. It’s important that you support each others because building a business often feels like being on a roller coaster. There are ups and there are downs. And you need someone to be there for you during the downs so you can experience more ups.

Also – find a way to support yourself on your own. Remind yourself why you are creating this business. Affirm that you have what it takes to make it

10. Stay focused and persist

You have a plan. You know what to do next. Now go do it. And stick to the plan.

Do not let yourself get distracted by shiny new tactics, cool blog posts, or cute cats on Facebook.

Keep your eyes on the goal.

Print your plan and your one thing for the day and keep it next to your computer.

If you do find yourself wanting to switch to another plan or “system”, remind yourself why you chose to work on your original plan int he first place.

Think: Is the new plan really better for you?  Or are you avoiding the work involved?

If it’s just work you are trying to avoid, or getting outside your comfort zone, remember:

Staying focused and persisting is the key to success.  This is how you make money online.

And the best and shiniest “system” in the world won’t get you there if you don’t focus and persist.

Now go make it happen 🙂


Sara Young

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